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Logistics & SCM – MBA | BBA | PG Diploma | Diploma | B.Com+

Logistics VidyaBharathi

MBA (Logistics & Supply Chain Management)

With Multiple Certifications

Eligibility                  : A pass in any Degree

Duration                   : 2 Year Full Time

Certifications           : a) MBA from UGC Approved University

b) Adv.  Certiicaste from CII- Institute of Logistics

c) Certificate from Maersk Training in shipping logistics

Internship & Project  :  2 Months to be completed

BBA ( International Shipping & Air Cargo Logistics Management)

Eligibility                  : Plus Two

Duration                  : 3 Year Full Time

Certifications           : a) BBA from UGC Approved University

b) Certificate Program from CII Institute of Logistics

PG Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management 

With additional certification

Eligibility                   :  A pass in any Degree

Duration                   :  1 Year Full Time

Certifications            :  a) Adv. Certificate from CII- Institute of Logistics


c) Maersk Training Certification in shipping Logistics

Internship & Project   : 2 Months internship to be completed

Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Eligibility                         : Plus Two

Duration                         : 8 Months

Certifications                 : a) Certificate program from CII Institute of Logistics


Internship & Project        : 2 Months internship to be completed

Admission Procedures

  • Admissions are done purely on merit basis.
  • A candidate should have an overall  score of 50% or more in the VidyaBharathi assessment.
  • Contact the office for application form and admission.

Salient  Features

  • No.1 Logistics Institute in South India.
  • Programs offered by UGC Accredited University.
  • Learner Facilitation Centre of Confederation of Indian Industries-Institute of Logistics.
  • Certificate from  world leader Maersk Training in Shipping Logistics
  • Vidyabharathi – Kitco Assocham agreement for KITCO Programs
  • University MBA is accredited ‘A’ grade by ‘NAAC’ and approved by DEB, Govt.of India.
  • DEB, Govt. of India, is a joint council of AICTE,UGC and IGNOU.
  • Only one Logistics Institute supported directly by the largest Container Freight Station (CFS) in Kerala. the Falcon Infrastructures Ltd
  • Coming under VidyaBharathi Group of Institutions, ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Unique Internship for two months and 100% placement support for all successful candidates.


VidyaBharathi Institute of Logistics Management is an initiative of VidyaBharathi Group of Institutions in association with Falcon Infrastructures Ltd, the largest Container Freight Station in Kerala. In order to fulfill the industrial demand and requirement of logistics professionals in India and abroad, VILM conducts various courses in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in its campus at Kochi. All our programs are accredited, affiliated and certified by top most Universities and Institutes in the country. Considering the diversity of the courses offered, certification bodies, placement & industrial support, internship and training, VidyaBharathi Institute of Logistics is the one and only logistics institute of its kind and ranked No.1 in South India. Programs offered are both in regular face to face class room delivery mode.

 The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses were launched in the year 2009. In India, the absence of focused Logistics education, logistics users and service providers have faced a dearth of qualified Logisticians; VidyaBharathi strives to bridge this gap by offering programs which are tailor made to the requirements of the industry and which are mostly accepted by the Industry.

Students of VidyaBharathi benefit from the insights, experience and knowledge from a team of experts from academics, industry and research. These experts have contributed substantial content and knowledge to the course , providing learners with access to leading-edge thinking and best practices in Logistics and Supply Chain Management sector.

With industry accepted curriculum, training and internship, Vidyabharathi builds the necessary skills and competencies, which companies need, to put the right products at the right place at the right time.

 Career opportunities for Logistics Professionals

Logistics involves so many critical business activities that nearly every Fortune 500 and Global company can be considered a potential employer for logistics managers. The same can be said for smaller public and private companies around the world. From the largest automobile manufacturers to the smallest zipper producers, any company that purchases and /or sells products has a need for logistics professionals to manage the flow of product and information locally, nationally , and internationally. Service firms like hospitals and restaurant chains must also manage logistics activities. LOGISTICS function functions as the integrator of the supply chain. Hence, an agile supply chain is managed by the skillful logisticians to get the product to the market – At the right time, At the Right place and At the right quantities. VidyaBharathi offers the best suited for the Logistics Industry.

 What is the most common career path in logistics?

No single career path dominates logistics management. In fact there are hundreds of potential career paths.Your career path will be largely influenced by your skills, interests, and personal decisions. It will also be impacted by the size, type, geographic scope, and organizational structure of the firm that you choose to work for.

A broad base of business skills, knowledge of the logistics process, and relevant internship/work experience will give you ample opportunity to begin your career with a manufacturer, retailer, carrier, third party logistics firm, or other organization. You will likely begin as a management trainee, analyst, or first line supervisor. As you demonstrate your managerial capabilities, you can progress to logistics positions of greater responsibility. You may also decide to gain experience in other parts of the organization. One key to your success in this field is flexibility. You will work with people throughout your company- logistics, manufacturing, and marketing. Depending on the size of your company, your initial responsibilities may deal with one or more logistics functions. Some positions will require you to specialize in a  specific area of logistics. There are numerous opportunities and career paths in this field it is up to you to seek them out and develop the appropriate skills to be successful.

 Job profiles in the logistics industry

  • Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Customer Service Manager
  • International Logistics Manager
  • Inventory Control Manager
  • Logistics Engineer
  • Logistics Manager
  • Logistics Services salesperson
  • Logistics  Software Manager
  • Materials Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Systems Support Manager(MIS)
  • Transportation Manager
  • Vendor Managed Inventory Coordinator
  • Warehouse Operations Manager


Logistics Vidyabharathi


Course Details :

1. MBA (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) Two years

No. I Year No. II Year
1 Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior 10 Logistics Management
2 Managerial Economics 11 Retail Store and Visual Merchandising
3 Accounting and Finance for Managers 12 Quality Management and Quality Techniques
4 Marketing Management 13 Retail Marketing and CRM
5 Human Resource Management 14 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
6 Quantitative Techniques for Management 15 Export Trade and Documentation
7 Research Methods for Management 16 International Marketing
8 Corporate Communication 17 Business Environment and Ethics
9 Operations Management 18 Strategic Management

2. BBA (Shipping & Air Cargo Logistics)

Bharathiar University  BBA Program In International Shipping and Cargo Logistics


  • 1st Year
  • Language 1 & 11
  •  Management Process
  •  Accounting for Managers
  •  Mathematics for Managers
  • 2nd Year
  •  Organizational Behavior
  •  International Strategic Management
  •  Introduction to Logistics Management
  •  Inventory Management
  •  Supply Chain Management
  • 3 rd Year
  •   Principles of Logistics Information
  •  Foreign Trade Procedure and Documentation
  •  Air Cargo Logistics Management
  •  Shipping and Ocean Freight Logistics Management
  •  Domestic Logistics

3. Post Graduate Diploma (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) One year

No I Semester 6 Business Communication
1 Logistics Strategy & Planning No II Semester
2 Warehouse Distribution & Facilities Management 1 Customer Service & Relationship Management
3 Freight Transport Management 2 Contract & Reverse Logistics
4 International Logistics 3 Supply Chain Information Systems
5 Operations Strategy 4 Capstone Project



 4. Diploma (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)    Eight Months




Logistics Strategy & Planning


warehouse Distribution & Facilities Management


Freight Transport Management


International Logistics


Principles of Management

6 Marketing Management

Shipping refers to physical process of transporting goods and cargo. In broader sense shipping can be associated with Logistics which refers to flow of goods, information and other resources, including energy and people, between the point of origin and the point of consumption. Thus shipping and logistics combinely include all aspects of transportation, storage and packaging of goods and commodities. Despite the many variables in shipped products and locations, there are only three basic types of shipments: land, air, and sea. Quantum growth in inter-regional and intra-regional trade has made shipping and logistics industries a favoured place for the new generation. With increasing complexity qualified professionals are required to manage shipping and port industries across the globe.


BBA in Shipping and Logistics Management course is one such industry/sector-specific management education course. This course focuses on two sectors- shipping and logistics management.

 Shipping sector plays an important role in transporting goods from one place to another. Shipping industry is an integral part of logistics operations taking place around the world.

BBA in Shipping and Logistics Management course has been designed to meet the requirements of the shipping, logistics and supply chain management sectors. The main aim of this course is to churn out skilled management professionals who are capable of managing logistic operations and organizations.

Graduates may find a job in the following work setups –

  • Shipping Companies
  • Ports and Harbors
  • Consultation Agencies
  • MNCs and Business Houses
  • Import-Export Firms
  • Logistics Companies

B.Com+ Logistics

B.Com three year degree program consists of 6 semesters of MG [email protected] Cochin Campus and Calicut [email protected] Malappuram Campus,  as a regular program. Accountant with knowledge in logistic operations is in demand in Logistics Organizations/ Travel & Tourism Industry. Increases employability.  Also facilitates students to become entrepreneurs .Hence this  combo offer from VB.

Eligibility : Plus 2 , Duration : Three years, Certification: B.Com from MG/ Calicut Universities+ Certificate from CII Institute of Logistics with Internship.