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CIMA – UK (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) – Listed Learning Partner

CIMA- Global Management Accountancy Qualification–Global Career Opportunities-Proven Path to business success

VidyaBharathi  Group of Institutions is a listed learning partner of CIMA, offering CIMA courses on regular face to face  class room mode. CIMA moulds a cream of world class professionals  and business leaders to meet dynamic and challenging requirements of today’s industry across the globe. CIMA works with some of the world’s leading employers to ensure placement in senior positions and with course providers to educate, qualify and support  first-class financial managers. With its emphasis on startegic business skills, a CIMA  qualification widens your career options, in and  outside of finance. CIMA is the only  Accounatncy body that focuses primarily on business needs. As a CIMA  Chartered Management Accountant, you’ll be at the  forefront of business planning, strategy and change across the sectors – industry, commerce and the public sector and not – for-profit organinsations. It could be your passport to global employement opportunites.

Highlights of the course

  • The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, founded in 1919, is the world’s leading and largest professional body of Management Accountants, with 229000 members and students operating in 176 countries.
  • CIMA is a chartered body which received the Royal Charter in 1975 and headquartered in London.
  • CIMA provides an internationally accepted accountancy qualification which is unique in its focus on accounting for business
  • After graduation in any subject, CIMA Qualification will take to desirable global professional level to hold Management Positions.
  • CIMA is committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards of members and students, and to maintaining public confidence in management accountancy
  • CIMA members and students work in industry, commerce and not-for-profit organizations.
  • CIMA works closely with employers and sponsors leading-edge research, constantly updating its qualification, professional experience requirements and continuing professional development to ensure it remains the employer’s best choice.
  • CIMA Qualification enables one to occupy prestigious positions as an  Financial Directors/Managers, Financial Controllers, Operations Managers/Directors, Business Analysts, Management Accountants, Project Managers, and in IT and Business Planning
  • More than 4500 of employers  world over offer internship and placement
  • Preferential immigration status to Australia, Canada, UK Newzeland, Ireland etc.
  • MNCs in India considered CIMA at par with other Accountancy, Management Accountancy and Management Qualifications for senior positions.

VidyaBharathi Advantage

  • VidyaBharathi group of Institutions is the first listed learning Partner and approved Computer based Assessment centre in South India since 2009.
  • Offers CIMA Full Time face to face class room mode for all modules
  • Part Time courses are offered on demand
  • State of the Art Campus with well equipped Laboratory, well stocked Library and with facilities matching international standards
  • Innovative methods for student support ands course delivery with latest technology
  • Highly qualified and experienced Faculty drawn from academics, profession and industry, headed by Mr. Thomas Chakku B.Com, FCA, ACCA, CMA (US) with industrial and international faculty experience. 
  • Faculty trained by CIMA in India and abroad
  • VidyaBharathi assures placement assistance through the well established placement cell at all levels.


The CIMA professional qualification is for anyone with the drive and desire to succeed in business. All one needs is competence in mathematics and the English language.

  • +2 – admission to certificate level CBA 4 papers BA 1 to BA 4
  • B.Com degree from a recognized University with 4 papers at certificate level exemptions
  • Relevant qualifications or membership of professional bodies with availabe exemptions

Admission Procedures

  • Admissions are done purely on merit basis.
  • A candidate should have a score of 50% or more in the Vidya Bharathi written test.
  • The eligible students will be selected for Group Discussion and Personnel Interview.
  • Contact the office for application form and admission.

CIMA Exams : CIMA Certificate Level (entry level)- Computer Based  Assessment available on Demand (VB is Approved CBA Centre)

CIMA Professional Qualification : 12 Exams consisting of 9 multiple choice objective tests at each level which can be taken on demand and three case study assessments  on completion of the three papers at each level with only 4 sittings per year in February/May/August/November. All exams are computer based 

CIMA Qualification levels (Progression towards CIMA Qualification)

The levels of the professional qualification are: operational (E1, F1 and P1), Management (E2, F2 and P2), Strategic (E3, F3 and P3) with respective case study assssments at each level.The qualification has three pillars namely enterprise pillar, performance pillar and financial pillar. The student has to pass all the papers and the respective case study exam at each level to proceed to the next level

Operational Level – 


Management Level –  


Strategic Level


E 1     Enterprise Operations

P 1     Performance Operations

F 1     Financial Operations

Operational case study exam

E 2     Enterprise Management

P 2     Performance Management

F 2     Financial Management

Management case study exam

E 3     Enterprise Strategy

P 3     Performance Strategy

F 3     Financial Strategy

strategic case study exam

Award : Diploma in Management  Accounting Award : Adv. Diploma in  Management  Accounting Award:  Passed Finalist
Award of CIMA on completion of  the three years PER

Each level entails for awards and gives opportunity for placement.

Progression: Based on exams which are offered  on demand with the assessments  only 4 times per year.

For more details on CIMA course visit www.cimaglobal.com.  E-Mail ID: [email protected] (Click here)

Few Question! (FAQs)

1.    CIMA’s Future plans in India?

CIMA envisions a huge potential for the development of management accounting as a profession and qualification in India. A CIMA survey last year concluded that India would require between 5 to 10 lakh management accountants to support its growth as a major financial market.

CIMA’s role in India and around the world is to help businesses and people to succeed. We do that by working with academia and industry, to develop the relevant skills among students and employees, so that they are business ready.

2.    Why do CIMA consider Indian Market?

One is because of the potential, as mentioned above. Two is because of the need. A large percentage of graduates emerging from colleges and universities are found to be ‘unemployable’ by industry. At the same time businesses are starved of enough appropriately skilled talent. CIMA wants to work with educational institutions and businesses to develop the right and relevant competencies in our human capital.

3.    How many students and members we have in India?

CIMA has currently over 4000+direct students and members in India besides several hundreds of degree studetns under  CIMA embeded scheme

4.    Briefly tell us about CIMA success story worldwide and in India? 

Worldwide, CIMA now has over 229000 students and members in 176 countries. Over the years we have recorded sustained growth in our student and member numbers as well as the number of countries where we have a presence. We have found that our growth has actually accelerated during times of economic downturn. We attribute this to the relevance and quality of our training and qualification, which makes management accountants more sought after, even during an economic downturn.

In India as well we have seen consistent growth in the interest in management accounting as a qualification and skill as well as the number of companies looking for management accountants.

CIMA has expanded its presence with the help of some strong partnerships with companies and university partners.

5.    What is the preferred background for an applicant?

CIMA is an open qualification. Any body who has passed Std XII, irrespective of what he/ she has scored or where she has qualified from, can start the qualification. In addition there are exemptions available to people with other relevant qualifications.

6.    How long does it take to qualify? 

If a student starts after Std XII, it will take about 21/2 three years, to complete all levels and papers. You also need three years relevant experience to qualify as a member. The unique feature about CIMA is that you pursue the qualification at your own pace and take as much or as little time.

7.    What are the courses offered under the roof of CIMA professional body?

The CIMA Professional Qualification in Management Accounting, is one qualification. It has multiple levels and each level leads to a certificate or a diploma.  In addition CIMA offers a Certificate and Diploma in Islamic Finance and is perhaps one of the only international professional bodies to do so.

8.    Is it must to complete all levels to get a rewarding job?

Each level of the CIMA qualification leads to a certificate or a diploma. So you are not left high and dry, if you do not complete the entire qualification. Each level also delivers a certain set of competencies, which add to your employability. Part qualified CIMA students also are sought after, at various levels of an organization. The annual CIMA student salary survey, represents, what students at various levels of the qualification, earn on an average. Being fully qualified , with the ACMA or FCMA title,  however increases your profile and employment opportunities manifold.

9.    Is there any exemption for qualified professional and Commerce students?

There are exemptions available to Commerce students. Students with a relevant commerce  degree can avail of exemptions up to 5 of the 17 CIMA papers including the strategic assessments . People with qualifications such as ICWAI, CA, MBA or other masters in accountancy or commerce, can enter CIMA through the Fast track Gateway routes created for them which gives them exemption of 13 exams out of 17 including the strategic case study assessments. .

10.  How CIMA course recognized by the Public sector and MNC’s in India though it is valid internationally.

CIMA is a qualification that trains you for business. The skills that CIMA delivers to its students and members, makes them internationally recognized and employable. CIMA people can work in various functions of business and are not limited to accounting or finance. In India, CIMA people are employed in the public sector. A number of Indian and foreign multinationals seek CIMA qualified professionals. Some organizations such as BPO’s and shared services, find it beneficial to employ CIMA people in client facing activities, especially when the client or parent is basedin Europe,  because it adds to their business credentials,

11.  What are the jobs prospects for qualified CIMA worldwide and in India?

CIMA qualified people have opportunities in business around the world. CIMA people work in different functions of business, such as management information, decision support, business analyst, project management, risk management and also in finance and accounts. They work in the public sector, private sector and even with not for profit organizations.

12.  Can you please tell us about the joint venture between AICPA and CIMA leads to Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation? www.cgma.org

AICPA and CIMA have entered into a joint venture,that will according to us, expand the recognition and role of management accountants globally. The Chartered Global Management Accountant designation is powered by the joint venture partners, AICPA and CIMA.

CGMA is a global accreditation, which demonstrates management accounting expertise in areas such as leading strategically with management to make informed decisions; helping organisations manage change, risk and uncertainty; protecting corporate assets; and promoting operational efficiency and effectiveness. Keeping the current Indian business scenario in consideration a CGMA will add immense value to the individual and also to the organization,

The CGMA designation will be available to all CIMA members, with no additional effort required. AICPA members will currently have to satisfy certain experience requirements to avail of theCGMA designation.

13.  Both CIMA and MBA are applicable for a management career. Why pick a CIMA qualification over an MBA?

There are some key differentiators that professional qualifications such as CIMA have that makes it unique. First of all there is the global recognition that CIMA brings Second is the continuous professional development requierement that CIMA members have to comply with. This ensures that they update their skills and keep themselves relevant to industry needs. Businesses value professionals who have kept themselves updated. CIMA also strongly follows the implementation of a Code of Conduct and Ethics for its students and members. An university or educational institute is limited in its ability to influence the behaviour of its students once they leave the institute. CIMA can take the title back from students and members, if they are found to violate the code of conduct. In today’s business world an employee with integrity and a strong ethical code, is priceless to an organization.

As a qualification CIMA offers the best of both worlds, an MBA plus a professional qualification in finance or accounting. CIMA’s curriculum has the breadth of an MBA qualification and the depth of technical skills of a professional accounting qualification.

14.  Does it offer distance program or how to learn CIMA?

CIMA offers a lot of flexibility in terms of how you can pursue the qualification. You can choose self study, or use our online study support systems. You could also attend face to face classes at our various learning partners. Vidyabharathi is an approvwed listed lesarningpartner to offer CIMA inIndia  since 2009 and has been offeing CIMA successfully ove the years.

15.  Can you tell us about CIMA and IGNOU? www.cimaglobal.com/Our-locations/India1/MBA-in-management-accounting-and-finance-from-IGNOU

CIMA in collaboration with IGNOU has launched a joint MBA program in management accounting and finance. The two year distance learning program, leads to a dual qualification – A MBA from IGNOU and an Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting from CIMA.

We have the best faculty competence for the current session and we desire to give high quality delivery of the course with our dedication and experience.

15. What is the compenstion Package for CIMA in India?

 In India  the package is 9.16 L to 23.35 L  for studetns from operational level to membership level per annum in 2012