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VidyaBharathi  Group of Institutions, leading ACCA Institute in Kerala, offers ACCA course  of U.K – A  potential course offering a rewarding career in accountancy, audit, finance, management and taxation across the globe. ACCA is globaly accepted as the most preferred accountancy qualification by the employers.

VidyaBharathi Group of Institutions is ACCA, Gold Approved  Learning Partner – Student Tuition  ALP Gold  and leading ACCA Institute in Kerala with consistent approval by ACCA and considered as as highly respected and best ACCA Institute. VidyaBharathi, is Pioneer in offering ACCA course in India since 2002. The course is delivered from the  State of the Art Campus at University  Road , Kalamassery, Cochin – 22 . Vidyabharathi has  an excellent lining up of faculty  both from profession and practice, maintains better than international pass rates in majority of subjects and produced a  significant number of ACCA Affiliates over the years.

ACCA: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. U.K

  •  ACCA is the world’s largest  and most reputed professional accounting body
  •  ACCA was established in 1904 and its reputation is grounded in over 114 years and it has become the world’s largest and fastest growing International Accountancy Qualification.
  • ACCA door to a successful accountancy career across the world
  •  Hundreds of people choose a career in Accountancy including ACCA that opens up a wealth of opportunities for them
  • ACCA has 4,86,000 students, 2,00,000 members in 181 countries, supports students with 92 offices and collaborating with 80 international Accountancy Bodies around the world.
  •  ACCA is  considered as British CA
  • ACCA increases the earning potential and ability to gain serious positions in organizations around the world
  • ACCA has 7400 accredited employers for training and placement world over which includes Vodafone, Air France, P&G,I BA, Philips, BMW, PWC, E&Y,KPMG, Deloitte, Merril Lynch, UBS,  Siemens,  Uniliver, Xerox, Nestle, HSBC, DHL, Bosh, Citigroup, Thomson etc.
  • Guaranteed career prospects in Accountancy  and Finance with ACCA qualification
  •  ACCA members get preferential immigration status to Australia, Canada, UK Newzeland, Ireland etc.
  • ACCA gives opportunity to gain B.Sc (Hon) in Applied Accounting from Oxford  Brooks University, UK by submitting a project free of cost while studying.
  • M.Sc in professional Accountancy from University of london on completion of P1 to P3 of ACCA
  • Extensive study of IFRS in ACCA syllabus gives ACCA an edge over other Accountancy Qualifications
  •  Provides a Passport to career in profession, career satisfaction and fulfilled career ambition.
  • ACCA qualified are placed as Financial Directors, Finance Managers, Business Analysts, Tax Accountants, Auditors, and Management Accountants.


VidyaBharathi Advantage

  • ACCA Approved Learning Partner- GOLD, the leading ACCA Institute in Kerala State, on being consistently assessed by ACCA for quality delivery and high pass rates
  • Mr.. Thomas Chakku B.Com,FCA, ACCA, CMA (US) as HOD along with  competent Chartered & Cost Accountants from Industry as memebrs of Faculty @Vidyabharathi
  • Vidyabharathi consistently maintains Pass rate above International Average in majority of ACCA subjects.
  • Planned progression ensures the completion of the course and passing the qualification within the time frame itself.
  • Consistent track record for many years and considered as highly respected and best Institute.
  • International Faculty Exchange Programme.
  • Add on Programs offered
  • Fulltime face to face class room study with lowest fees
  • Good internship and placement record in the Big 4 and MNCs.
  • State of the Art Campus with well equipped Laboratory, well stocked Library and with facilities matching international standard
  • Faculty drawn from academics, profession  and industry


1) Senior Schools Certificate 10 + 2 (pass in 5 subjects including English and Mathematics / Accounts, mark of 65% in at least 2 subjects and over 50% in the others).

2) B.Com Graduates from recognized universities (No marks restrictions).

3) Any degree (B.A/B.Sc.) from a recognized university (No marks restrictions), through Foundation in Accountancy.

4) Foundations In Accountancy – Awards include Certificate, Diplomas and revised CAT

 Maximum Duration: Each Semester is 6 months

10+2 students         21/2  Years

B.Com Students     2 years

Admission Procedures

  • Admissions are done purely on merit basis.
  • Contact the office for application form and admission.

The ACCA Syllabus

Exams: In March, June, September & December 

Maximum 4 exams in an exam cycle (4 Exam cycles in a year) subject to a maximum of 8 exams in a calendar year 

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQs)

1.      Why a Career in Accountancy?

 A career in accountancy is a great choice and can offer you excellent job opportunities. Accountants play a central function in any business; accountancy can offer you prestige and  responsibility

2.      Why should I choose VidyaBharathi?

Best Faculty, planned progression, excellent  Pass Rates and Lowest fees in India.

3.      Which Accountancy course should I Choose?

 ACCA – Association of Chartered Certified Accountants UK is known as the global body for professional accountants and the qualifications are available around the world. It is a preferred  qualification by the employers world over.

4.      What is ACCA qualification and whether the said qualification is granted by any University?

ACCA (Membership in the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK) is a professional qualification in the field of Accountancy, Auditing and Taxation and is similar to Chartered   Accountancy Qualification (CA) of India.  After passing all the papers in ACCA one will become an Affiliate.  The Affiliate will be elevated as Associate after completing three years’ professional    experience (PER). ACCA is not a University Degree, but a Membership in the Association (Professional body) set up by UK Government giving special privileges and rights for betterment of profession in the Country as well as globally.

5.      How popular the ACCA Course is?

ACCA has 2,00,000 members and 4,86,000 students in over 181 countries and has been in existence for over 114 years. ACCA has a net work of 95 offices around the world to offer support the qualification.

6.      How can it be said that ACCA profession is accepted worldwide?

Among any profession, it is a well-known fact that UK professional qualifications have an edge over similar qualifications of other countries and are widely accepted in most of the countries, in the world.  It is also a well known fact that in UK both Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales as well as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) are the  premier professional bodies, set up to promote the profession of Accountancy, Auditing and Taxation.

7.      Whether ACCA qualified professionals are permitted to work/practice in India independently?

ACCA professionals are allowed to work in India and many other countries since this programme is accepted and followed in 181 Countries. With the advent of globalization, developmentand integration of professional standards, negotiations are taking place between ICAI and ACCA to recognize both Indian CA and ACCA for the purpose of permitting the respective members for public practice in both countries after undergoing a proficiency course in taxation/corporate laws of countries.

8.      What are the advantages for joining ACCA?

A student who has passed 10+2 having attained an age of 18 yrs is eligible to join ACCA, which means the student will become professionally qualified Chartered Accountant  at the age of 21 and can gaifully employed in MNCs.

9.     What are eligibility criteria for joining ACCA?

10+2 candidates (Commerce, Accountancy or Mathematics as one of the subjects in additon to English with 65% marks), Graduates, Postgraduates or professionals.

10.      How many parts / papers are there in ACCA?

 There are 13 papers for ACCA subject to exemptions, 4 papers are exempted for B.Com Graduates and no mark restrictions

11.  What are the exemptions available?

Qualifications                                  Exemptions

B.Com/M.Com/ICWAI/MBA         –          Papers F1, F2, F3, F4

B. Com CA Inter         –          Papers F1, F2, F3,F4, F6, F8

CA         –          Papers F1, F2, F3, F4,F5, F6, F7,F8 & F9 ( All Fundamental Papers)

CS         –         Paper F4

12.  Whether all students who have qualified 10+2 can join for ACCA?

Only those students with 65% in  English/ Commerce/ Maths and 50% in the remaining subjects, separately, can join for ACCA directly. Other students also eligible to join ACCA through Foundation in Accoutancy Route , an entry level qualification towards ACCA

 General Eligibility

1) 10 + 2 (pass in 5 subjects including English and Mathematics / Commerce, mark of 65% in at least 2 subjects and over 50% in the others).

2) B.Com Graduates from recognized university (No marks restrictions) with 4 papers exemption.

3) Any degree (B.A/B.Sc.) from a recognized university (No marks restrictions) without exepmtions.

4) Foundations In Accountancy – Awards include Certificate, Diplomas and revised CAT. The studetns can join at any level and proceed to ACCA.

13.  What is CAT?

Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) is the requisite qualification for ‘book keepers’ in UK.  After passing 5 papers of CAT the candidate can opt for ACCA.

14.  What are the advantages of CAT?

CAT itself being a professional entry-level qualification suitable for joining lower level management cadre.

15.  Besides 10+2 and Graduates, whether any other aspirants can join ACCA?

Candidates without any formal qualification can join ACCA through ‘Foundations in Accountancy’, irrespective of their educational qualifications.

16.  What are the requirements to qualify ‘Foundations in Accountancy’ and join for ACCA thereafter?

The levels of FIA qualifications:Introductory, Intermediate & Diploma have to be successfully completed so a to become eligible for joining ACCA.

17.  What will be the course fee for ACCA?

During its full tenure, the course fee for ACCA will be, approximately,

Rs.2,19,500/- for Commerce graduates, and Rs.297,700/- for 10+2 students & othr Graduates,(inclusive of service tax). In addition to above, fee payable to ACCA, U.K should be  remitted separately.

18.  Whether the course (ACCA) is supported with assurance of placement?

The ACCA is recognised in 181 countries including Middle East, Far East, and European & African countries. Vidya Bharathi is extending assistance for placements to ACCAs who are qualified through us. Since Vidya Bharathi is the educational wing of M/s Falcon Infrastructures Ltd, with a shareholder base of around 300 persons who are mostly NRIs based in the Middle East and employed in senior positions will provide placement assistance to ACCA qualified students from Vidya Bharathi.

19.  What bridges VidyaBharathi with The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) UK?

VidyaBharathi is Approved Learning Partner, student tution – Gold ( Awarded and assesed by ACCA on being satisfied with infrastructures and quality of  faculty as per ACCA Standard ) and VB is  Approved Computer Based Examination Centre.

20.  What are the strengths of VidyaBharathi?

Vidyabharathi, as ACCA approved learning partner and the leading ACCA Insitute in Kerala,  is the offering all subjects as per the progression on regular class room face to face delivery mode which helps the studetns of all levels to progress to the qualification within the minimum period.

VidyaBharathi has excellent faculty and guidance from Advisory Board supported by eminent persons from among academicians, educationalists, professionals and captains of the industry. The Head of the Department of ACCA studies: Mr.Thomas Chakku, B.Com, FCA,ACCA, CMA USA is a  Indian Chartered Accountant, an ACCA UK  Member and a CMA USA  Member from industry & has a teaching experience of more than 10 years abroad is heading ACCA and CMA departments as Dean. VidyaBharathi faculty consists of in-house / guest lecturers, all professionals such as, Chartered Accountants, Cost and Management Accountants, Chartered/Company Secretaries, Former senior faculty members of Cochin University and Law Colleges etc.

Since starting the Course Centre, VidyaBharathi consistently enjoy a track record of excellent pass rate . Besides ACCA, VidyaBharathi conducts many other courses, which include short-term courses in Personality/Career Development. ACCA students are compulsorily required to undergo the programme on Personality Development along with the soft skills, while pursuing the ACCA course.

21.  What kind of salary ACCA professionals can look for in the Middle East?

ACCAs are offered salary ranging from Rs.5.00 lakhs to Rs 7.5 lakhs equivalent per annum on entry in India and vary from LLCs to Multi National Companies.

22.  What are the other qualifications one can aspire for along with ACCA?

After completing Fundamental Module of ACCA (total 9 papers), the candidate can secure B.Sc (Hons.) in Applied Accounting, from Oxford Brookes University without any additional cost, on submission of a project report on the related areas for which one will be required to register with the Association. In addition after qualifying ACCA, one can secure MBA finance from Oxford Brooks University.M.Scin Professional Accountancy from Univeristy of London is the latest offer to ACCA students on completion of P1 to P3 papers.

23.  Is there any specified time for joining ACCA?

Students can register with ACCA any time in a year,  Studetns can register for CBE papers at any  time  on demnad.

24.  Do VidyaBharathi offer any other course other than ACCA?

VidyaBharathi, leading ACCA Institute in Kerala,  also Offers CIMA UK, CMA (US),   BBA/MBA in Logistics, Post Graduate Diploma and Diploma in Logistics, MBA in Banking Insuranse & Financial Services,B.Sc and Diploma programs in Hotel Management, IATA Aviation and Tourism, BBA/MBA in Aviation,  B.Com course of M.G.University and under graduate and post graduates courses of Bharathiar University Coimbatore

ACCA @ Vidyabharathi——- ACCA , B.Com + ACCA


Respected globally by employers and others, worldwide opportunities, Highly rewarded

Obtain B.Sc (Hon) from Brooks University and M.Sc from University of London all along with ACCA


Consistent in delivering ACCA with high pass rates,good  number of affiliates and world rank holders since 2002

As approved Learning Partner GOLD, quality checked by ACCA, the delivery mode of Vidyabharathi is well accepted, ensuring the progression and completion of the qualification within the timeframe
VidyaBharathi’s unique face to face class room delivery and the flexible progression towards the qualifcaitons has made VidyaBharathi as the leading ACCA Institute in the Kerala

Trained , qualified and experienced faculty from profession and industry

Offering B.Com + ACCA to meet the growing demand from the students who enthusiastically want to pursue Chartered Accountancy as a profession